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Expert Resource Attorneys Can Provide Guidance

Pro bono attorneys provide legal guidance and serve as sounding boards for other pro bono attorneys who are representing JALA pro bono clients. The expert resource attorney is not listed as the primary advocate for the case, but rather supports the pro bono attorney advocate.

Receiving Guidance from Expert Resource Attorneys
Pro bono attorneys may also receive guidance from expert resource attorneys who are ready and willing to provide direction and feedback in specific substantive areas. When a pro bono attorney has agreed to assist a client in a legal matter, the attorney may also request the contact information of an expert resource. Please contact Kathy Para, Esq., Pro Bono Director at for more information.

Get Involved with JALA’s Pro Bono Unit

Attorneys who would like to get involved in pro bono case representation and/or would like to participate in pro bono outreach, intake, and projects are encouraged to contact Kathy Para, Esquire, Pro Bono Director, at, 904-356-8371, ext. 363 or fill out the Attorney Interest Form below.

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