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Our Volunteer Boards

JALA is supported, mentored and impacted by the volunteers serving on our Board of Directors, Client Advisory Board and the JALA Foundation Board.

JALA’s Volunteer Board serve as ambassadors, educating the community and building relationships that support our mission.  Fiduciary duties include financial and program oversight, and broad policy-making.  The Board is committed to providing access to legal justice for poor and low-income individuals who have nowhere else to turn. The Board of Directors is comprised of individual attorneys, those from private law firms, corporate leaders and former JALA clients.  (Board members are listed below)


Board of Directors

President: Jason Mehta
United States Attorney’s Office

1st Vice President: Ramona Chaplin
Ramona S. Chaplin, PA

Treasurer: Mr. Kevin Algee
Ennis, Pellum & Associates, CPAs

Secretary: Cheryl L. Worman, Esq.
Rogers Towers, PA

Yared Alula


Mr. Bobby Bell

Ms. Ruth Brown

Tammy Butler, Esq.

Sam Garrison
Kopelousos, Bradley & Garrison, PA

Neil L. Henrichsen, Esq.
Henrichsen Siegel PLLC



Ms. Geraldine Lyons

Gerald W. Pryor, Esq.
Law Office of Jerry W. Pryor

Gregory D. Prysock, Esq.
Morgan & Morgan, PA

Marianna S. Smith, Esq

John G. Woodlee, Esq.
The Bedell Firm


JALA’s Foundation Board of Directors

President: Douglas J. Milne, Esq.
Milne & Buckingham, PA

Vice President: Noel G. Lawrence, Esq.
Lawrence & Parker, PA

Treasurer: Renee D. Harrell, Esq.
Harrell & Harrell, PA

Rebeccah L. Beller, Esq.
Beller & Bustamante, PL

Eddie Farah, Esq.
Farah & Farah, PA

Leslie Goller, Esq.
Terrell Hogan, PA

Guy Victor Murray, Esq.
Guy Victor Murray, PA

Robert Spohrer, Esq.
Spohrer & Dodd, PA

Richard “Rick” L. Lasseter, Esq.
Wicker, Smith, O’Hara, Ford & McCoy, PA

Mary Bland Love, Esq.
Marks Gray, PA

Dominic C. (Donny) MacKenzie, Esq.
Holland & Knight, LLP

JALA’s Client Advisory Board

The JALA Client Advisory Board serves as an advisory committee to JALA’s Board of Directors and provides critical client input and perspective for development of policies, training plans, community education and outreach, as well as other matters. The Client Advisory Board provides a community-wide forum for JALA clients to express their needs, comments and/or concerns.

Bobby Bell (President)

Victor Coleman (Vice President)

Zuleca Johnson (Secretary)

Paris Owens (Treasurer)

Phyllis Maxwell

Don Edgecomb

Ruth Brown

Tanita Woods

Bryan Johnson

Tracy Grant