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JALA Cases Awaiting Placement with Pro Bono Attorneys

Cases listed below may have been referred for placement with a pro bono attorney via the Northeast Florida Medical Legal Partnership (NFMLP), Three Rivers Legal Services (TRLS), or via applications for service at Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA). If you would like to assist a client but don’t see a case with which you can assist, please send an email to Kathy Para, kathy.para@jaxlegalaid.org, indicating your case preferences and areas of interest.

Remember that we support our pro bono attorneys with: free CLE webinars in most of the substantive areas represented below (see full list of CLE webinars at “Support for Pro Bono Attorneys“); access to our offices for client meetings, if helpful; professional liability coverage; access to Westlaw for research on JALA pro bono case matters, and pairing with an expert resource person for guidance.

JALA lauched a new website August 2016. If you experience any problems using the the new site, please email Kathy Para at Kathy.Para@Jaxlegalaid.org, or Debra Talley at Debra.Talley@Jaxlegalaid.org.

Get Involved with JALA’s Pro Bono Unit

Attorneys who would like to get involved in pro bono case representation and/or would like to participate in pro bono outreach, intake, and projects are encouraged to contact Kathy Para, Esquire, Pro Bono Director, at kathy.para@jaxlegalaid.org, 904-356-8371, ext. 363 or fill out the Attorney Interest Form below.

Pro Bono Attorney Interest Form

JALA Cases Awaiting Placement

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