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Housing (Landlord-Tenant)

Has your landlord locked you out of your home? 
Has your landlord refused to repair problems in your home? 
Is your landlord trying to evict you from your home?…

JALA’s Housing Unit handles a variety of landlord-tenant matters.  If you are experiencing a legal problem with your landlord or other housing provider, you may contact our office to apply for assistance. Please understand that because there are only a few attorneys in our housing unit, and because we receive many requests for assistance, we cannot offer to represent everyone who applies. If you are eligible for our assistance and we cannot take your case, we will still try to be helpful by giving you information and advice that is relevant to your problem. You may also visit our Self-Help Pamphlets page for some basic information about common landlord-tenant problems.

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Housing (Landlord-Tenant) Video Presentations

THE INFORMATION ON THIS WEBSITE IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR LEGAL ADVICE. It is intended to give you some basic knowledge of Florida’s landlord-tenant law and some initial guidance if you are experiencing one of the common landlord-tenant problems. The laws described here may change without notice.