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Attorney Bio

Ms. Drysdale received her law degree from the University of Florida College of Law and has practiced at JALA since 1988. Ms. Drysdale is a nationally known consumer protection advocate, whose work includes representing consumers in individual and class cases, legislative advocacy relating to pay day loans, spot delivery motor vehicle sales, military pension loans, automobile title loans and predatory mortgage lending and servicing practices. Ms. Drysdale is a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates and has been a contributing writer for the National Consumer Law Center, the Consumer Financial Services Law Report, and co-authored The Two-Tiered Consumer Financial Services Marketplace: The Fringe Banking System and its Challenge to Current Thinking About The Role of Usury Laws in Today's Society, a law review article for the South Carolina Law Review, Volume 51, Spring 2000, Number 3 with distinguished consumer advocate, Kathleen Keest, Esquire. Ms. Drysdale has been a presenter at the Consumer Assembly, the National Consumer Law Center's annual conference, the Practising Law Institute Consumer Financial Services Litigation Training, and the Conference of State Bank Supervisors and the 2004 National Association of Consumer Credit Administrators Pay Day Lending Regulator Summit. She was awarded the 2002 National Consumer Law Center's Vern Countryman Consumer Law Award, the 1999 Northeast Florida Consumer Council Consumer Advocate of the Year and the 2001 Florida Bar Foundation's Steven M. Goldstein Award, First Runner-Up. Ms. Drysdale practices in JALA's main office in downtown Jacksonville




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