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JALA’s Pro Bono CLE Webinars

Substantive Area CLE Training Webinars

Click here to see the listing of on-line CLE seminars available to pro bono attorneys.

The goal of each CLE training course is to give the pro bono attorney the tools to represent a pro bono client in particular substantive area of law. Interested pro bono attorneys should email Kathy Para, Esq., Pro Bono Director, at to request materials. Ms. Para will email to the requesting attorney the web address and password, the course materials including document templates, and the CLE reporting information OR registration information for upcoming live webinars.

  • Attorneys may view the materials at their convenience at their personal computers live or by requesting the materials from Kathy Para, Esq., after the presentation (
  • Pro bono attorneys receive relevant reference information and document templates.
  • There is no charge for the webinar, but by participating in the webinar, the attorney is making a commitment to serve at least one pro bono client in the specific substantive area.
  • Pro bono attorneys are covered by legal services professional liability insurance when serving a legal services pro bono client.
  • New pro bono attorneys may also be paired with an expert resource attorney for guidance during the progress of the pro bono case.

If you have questions about registering for the CLE webinars or are interested in the full listing of web-based trainings that are available for pro bono attorneys, please contact Kathy Para, JALA Pro Bono Director,, or call (904) 356-8371, ext. 363.

Get Involved with JALA’s Pro Bono Unit

Attorneys who would like to get involved in pro bono case representation and/or would like to participate in pro bono outreach, intake, and projects are encouraged to contact Kathy Para, Esquire, Pro Bono Director, at, 904-356-8371, ext. 363 or fill out the Attorney Interest Form below.

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