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Pro Bono Opportunities – Outreach & Events

Pro bono Outreach & Event opportunities include serving as an intake interviewer, conducting monthly informational clinics, brochure translation for JALA’s Fair Housing Unit, participating in Ask-A-Lawyer, and other valuable efforts.

Outreach & Events

These quarterly events typically occur on a Saturday morning and provide legal guidance to members of the public in neighborhood locations identified by nonprofit agencies and the Jacksonville City Council. Attorneys in all areas of practice provide brief counsel in their areas of expertise in 10-15 minute one-to-one interviews.
These quarterly events typically occur on a Saturday morning. Teams of attorneys, law students and paralegals create and execute advance directive documents for low-income seniors and military reservists by appointment.
Attorneys present legal information for pro se litigants on a variety of topics including bankruptcy, dissolution or marriage, and child support modification, paternity/time-sharing. Group information clinics are offered monthly on each topic and content outlines are developed for pro bono attorney presenters.
This annual event offers nonprofit agency leaders and staff a forum to meet privately with an attorney to discuss legal needs of the organization, including concerns focusing on employment, incorporation, real estate and contracts (to name a few).
Periodically and after business hours, teams of pro bono attorneys conduct JALA intake interviews and offer brief counsel and advice to applicants at these two locations.
Pro bono attorneys provide legal guidance and serve as sounding boards for other pro bono attorneys who are representing JALA pro bono clients. The expert resource attorney is not listed as the primary advocate for the case, but rather supports the pro bono attorney advocate.
Bilingual attorneys and law students serve to support pro bono attorneys representing non-English speaking clients as translators and interpreters. Bilingual volunteers may also serve to interpret JALA informational brochures.
This annual event is held in collaboration with Florida Coastal School of Law. Qualified immigrants receive assistance from attorney and law student teams in completing and filing applications to become naturalized citizens.
Pro Bono attorneys present information in classroom settings in many of our public libraries.   Library staff request presentations on a variety of topics from family law matters, to advance directives and probate, to sealing and expunging arrest records.  Attorneys present in their areas of expertise.  Lawyers in Libraries sessions last a total of an hour including about 45 minutes for the group presentation and about 15 minutes for questions from attendees.

New pro bono projects are in development, and JALA is always interested in new program ideas.

Please join this effort today!
Indicate your interest in specific pro bono projects by sending an email to Kathy.Para@jaxlegalaid.org

Get Involved with JALA’s Pro Bono Unit

Attorneys who would like to get involved in pro bono case representation and/or would like to participate in pro bono outreach, intake, and projects are encouraged to contact Kathy Para, Esquire, Pro Bono Director, at kathy.para@jaxlegalaid.org, 904-356-8371, ext. 363 or fill out the Attorney Interest Form below.

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