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Prisoner Re-Entry Project

JALA’s Prisoner Re-entry Program provides services to low income and often unemployed Duval County residents who have criminal records.  We serve clients with all types of criminal backgrounds from simple arrests and misdemeanors to multiple felony convictions.  The Prisoner Re-entry Program can offer legal assistance with sealing/expunging of criminal records, restoration of civil rights, employment and educational opportunities for ex-offenders, child support issues related to incarceration, drivers license reinstatement, obtaining public benefits, and access to housing.

As the United States rate of incarceration continues to soar to record levels, successful reintegration of offenders back into society is a critical area of need.  According to the US Department of Justice more than 1 out of every 100 Americans is in jail, and 1 of every 32 Americans is in some stage of the criminal justice system.  The United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world.  Obtaining meaningful employment is a major part of preventing recidivism.   Studies have shown that those who are employed within six months of release are less than half as likely as those who are unemployed to be convicted of another crime within two years following release.

It is the mission of the Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc., Prisoner Re-entry Program to aid in the transition from life in prison to life in the community.