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Mental Health Advocacy

Special thanks to: The Hogan Foundation & The City of Jacksonville for their outstanding support of this project.

Mental Health Advocacy Overview (MHAP)

The Mental Health Advocacy Project is a special program at JALA which was developed to meet the legal needs of the mentally ill. People with mental illness often have difficulty gaining access to treatment for their mental illness or obtaining the appropriate treatment for their illness. The Project especially focuses on the treatment needs of the mentally ill.

The Hogan Foundation

The Hogan Foundation is a private foundation founded by Pat Hogan, RN, LMHC and Wayne Hogan, Esquire, president of the law firm of Terrell Hogan, P.A. The Hogan Family Foundation has generously supported JALA’s Mental Health Advocacy Project since 1999.

One of the many goals of the Hogan Family Foundation is to support legal advocacy for Jacksonville’s most vulnerable members of our community, the mentally disabled children and adults.

The Program Can Help

Adults and children in the greater Jacksonville area who have mental disabilities and the greatest economic and social needs.

Areas of Advocacy Include:
  • Discrimination
  • Health Care
  • K-12 Education
  • Matters by Judicial Appointment  in Dependency and Delinquency Courts

Our staff will also consider whether resources are available to assist the client with any additional legal problems the client may be encountering.

To schedule an appointment with a MHAP member or if you just have a question about the program please contact us at (904) 356-8371.